Our Menu

We serve you nothing but the freshest, the tastiest, and the juiciest ingredients!

BB Signatures

Our Belly Bandit Signature burgers are made to our own recipe, properly sourced beef cuts, ground fresh into patties and cooked into perfection. We served them with fresh vegetables in a squishy bun.

Pocket Picker Sides

Variety of mouthwatering appetiser and side dish to accompany your mains.

From The Garden

Try our salads filled with variety of greens, fresh produce and homemade dressing.

The Bandit Breakfast

Hungry for homestyle breakfast? We serve them all day long. From sweet offerings like caramel pancake to savoury plates of bacon, eggs and english muffin, all of our breakfast are cooked to order.

Stealin’ The Sweets

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our selection of dessert. There's always a treat for everyone!

Thirst Quencher

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