We are all about making you be creative and build your own menu

Who is Belly Bandit?

Belly Bandit is that quirky next-door neighbor who steals your appetite and your tummy can’t ever say no.

Bandit in the urban disctionary has a meaning of someone who will steal your heart. He’s got charm, is wicket smart, and a handsome devil. His touch will make you melt and you’ll fall in love. Once a person has a taste, they can’t get enough of the bandit.


Where is Belly Bandit?

The joint located in SCBD, Menteng and Deplu Pondok Indah. We provide a casual and comfortable atmosphere to you to catch a breath in your daily routine.

About Belly Bandit

When we decided it was time to bring Jakarta something new, something bold, something really really cool… Belly Bandit took into account the values of great food and empowering the diner.

Belly Bandit is not…about making you pick from the menu but all about building your own menu!

Imagine a shop that let’s you pick from the freshest ingredients, the tastiest toppings and put all of that on a juicy meat filling of your choice… Sounds good? Nope…it sounds GREAT!

Chef Erlene Susanto spent her formative years cooking in kitchens in the US, discovering flavors and blends that captures the imaginations but most importantly…the belly! She returned to Jakarta and continued her growth developing and executing the Goods Dept. Food and Beverage Division by designing a menu that caters to the people of all ages and types. After 6 years of feeding and nurturing Jakarta, developing trends and styles of food that have become a staple of consistency, she now introduces you to a concept that let’s the people become the chef!

Belly Bandit is Food and Beverage concept that is about letting you decide what you want to eat. Topping that pair with your taste, how you want it, the way you want it. A menu that takes twenty items that can be mixed and matched to fifty flavors.

Are you ready to build your own burger? Can you be the chef of your own meal? Well, you’re about to find out… Belly Bandit will steal your belly!

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